Efficiency in Multifamily Operations - Discussed by industry leaders

Multifamily leaders talk operational efficiency from many perspectives – maintenance, easier access to units, and service of residents.

Mark-Taylor Residential is the leading developer, owner, and investment manager of Arizona’s premier rental communities. Over the past couple of years the company has implemented a smart technology plan and introduced a powerful AI tool called Hobbes that supports aspects of property management, ranging from leasing to maintenance. Additionally, by installing smart apartment technology throughout the community, teams have been able to save time servicing units and attend to maintenance issues proactively.

How has smart technology changed operational efficiency?

John Carlson explains, “With iApartments and smart home, it allows us to be very efficient from an operational perspective. The technology enables us to do quarterly inspections with one smart lock PIN code. As a result, we don’t have to cut keys for our community.” Key track systems are expensive for communities. When they transition to a smart lock system they can save upwards of $4,000 on key cutting costs.

Asset protection is also a benefit that comes with smart technology. Sensors push data to the right people so they can address problems. “With iApartments we get access to the data from the software perspective. So we’re able to understand how are our HVAC systems working as well as how efficient we can be on the service side and management side. All of those things rolled together create the lift we need.”

During the same discussion on multifamily efficiency, Linda Cobern, Vice President of Asset Management at NexMetro, gave her thoughts from a build-to-rent aspect. What were the big wins in regards to adopting smart technology? “Asset protection was a big one. Operational efficiency was a big one. Being keyless and the seamless integration with Yardi was important, because we are a Yardi shop.” Linda explains. iApartments is able to alert maintenance teams when things go awry by sending auto alerts if a water leak is detected. “From an operation standpoint, the onsite teams love that we are not messing with keys anymore. It’s a game changer, really.”.

NexMetro is a leader in the build-to-lease space, offering smart single family homes that offer the privacy and flexibility millenials are looking for. Each home is outfitted with leading smart technology, from keyless locks and smart lighting to smart thermostat and leak detectors. Learn more as NexMetro reviews iApartments smart tech rollout and how it has helped their position in the market.

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