Smart Apartment Integrations from iApartments

Integrations and Partnerships

iApartments works with leading hardware and software companies to provide you with a smart apartment integrations solution that is customized to your property’s specific needs. Powerful integrations, like keyless building access control, will improve security and offer your residents a safer way to allow others to enter the building.

Access Control Integrations


Secure touchless access

Openpath is the leader in touchless access technology. iApartments app seamlessly integrates with Openpath to give your site team and residents secure building and common area access using their mobile phone.

Property Management Integrations


Smart home technology that connects to your favorite PMS

iApartments customized options allows you to connect to your favorite property management software to create a simple workflow. Manage all of your smart assets from one place.

*Near term product roadmap

WiFi Connectivity Partnerships


Fiber-based connectivity

iApartments partners with leading community Wi-Fi providers to offer properties powerful connectivity that residents demand. Featuring an instant gig-speed of connectivity, property-wide, with the most advanced and secure connection available.

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