iApartments Review by leadership at NexMetro Communities

Multifamily leader, Linda Coburn, provides an iApartments review and talks about smart home technology installed at NexMetro’s revolutionary single family homes communities.

How has iApartments helped NexMetro position themselves in the market?

“As competitive as the build-to-rent space can be, to be one of the first to come out with a smart home package that is a real, viable, operational, and impressive smart home technology package, is very exciting for us. Linda Coburn is the Vice President of Asset Management at NexMetro Communities. “We are leaders in the single family to lease market and now (because of our partnership with iApartments) we feel like we are leaders in the smart home technology space as well.”

How would you review the rollout of iApartments smart home technology throughout your portfolio?

“The rollout of iApartments smart technology has been smooth and seamless, and it’s because iApartments has put together such an amazing team. Not just from the leadership level, but from the sales to the installation team as well, according to Linda. “All of them have worked so closely with our team, scheduling and often adjusting to our construction delivery delays. I don’t think of all the technology that we have rolled out; none have gone as smooth as the iApartments smart home system rollout. I give all the credit to iApartments working closely with our internal team. The communication is just top-notch.”

NexMetro is the leader in build-to-rent communities located in cities around the country. Their unique single family homes provide renters with options that are just not available in apartment communities. Hence, their tagline “Rents like an apartment. Lives like a home.” In order to enhance the resident living experience, NexMetro has partnered with iApartments to deliver an enerprise-level smart home experience in each community.

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