Maximizing Value: The Impact of Smart MDU Platforms on Residents and Ownership

Creating Value for Residents and MDU Ownership

In today’s rapidly evolving real estate landscape, Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties are leveraging smart technology to enhance the living experience for residents while simultaneously adding significant value for property ownership. The integration of smart MDU platforms revolutionizes the way residents interact with their living spaces, while also empowering property owners with valuable insights and operational efficiencies. From enhanced convenience and security to optimized resource management, these platforms are reshaping the dynamics of modern living and property management.

The common misconception is that community wide smart IoT is exclusive to A and B class properties, “citing the high cost of connectivity as a barrier for smart home adoption,” explains Steve Fiske, Chief Product Officer, and inventor of the first smart lock. Today, companies like Stoneweg US have partnered with leading a smart apartment platform to optimize efficiencies for all its A, B, and C class communities.

“We’re able to generate a nice revenue stream due to operational efficiencies and marketing of ‘smart home tech packages,’ irrespective of apartment class or market. It’s working on my Class A assets in Charlotte as well as my C Class assets,” added Sam Palmer, Executive Vice President of Asset Management and Development at Stoneweg.

Intelligent MDUs Bring Value and Revenue

Parks and Associates reports “smart devices can generate 10-30% higher rents, with 80% of property managers intention to install internet-connected devices in the next 12 months, and a narrow timeframe to achieve ROI.”

Smart MDU platforms offer substantial value propositions for property ownership by optimizing operational efficiency and asset performance. By integrating additional smart services like self-guided tours, management can curb the manual labor cost of scheduling and walking tours, instead focusing on closing prospects with high leasing intent.

Smart MDU Platform Support Centralized Services

Management companies like Mark-Taylor are revolutionizing property management through a centralized maintenance and leasing services approach, the model is supported by a smart technology platform.

How Smart MDU Platform Can Create Value in Centralized Leasing & Maintenance Model
• Supports a shared property personnel or “POD” model
• Automates self-tour scheduling and access to vacant or model units
• Seamlessly integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
• Alerts remote maintenance teams to promptly act on water leaks or HVAC issues

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Residents Are Benefitting

The smart MDU revolution offers residents unprecedented control and customization within their homes. Through intuitive smartphone apps or voice-activated assistants, residents can remotely manage various aspects of their living environment, including lighting, smart lock and temperature.

Arizona residents like Deborah who rents a 1,000 Sq.Ft one bedroom apartment lives in community outfitted with these smart devices. “I appreciate technology that brings convenience and simplicity to my daily rituals. Things like turning off lights and making sure the front door is locked from bed at night are simple conveniences I started to appreciate. I’ve even adjusted my thermostat at the airport before, why waste while I’m away?”

This level of convenience not only enhances the daily lives of residents but also fosters a sense of empowerment and engagement with their living space. Whether adjusting the thermostat on their commute home or monitoring package deliveries while away, residents benefit from a newfound flexibility and peace of mind afforded by smart MDU platforms.

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