Tips on Self-Guided Tours

5 Tips to make your self-guided tours a success

Offering self-guided tours at an apartment community can be a great way to provide prospective renters with flexibility and convenience, especially during times when in-person tours may not be possible or desirable.

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Here are some tips to consider when offering self-guided tours:

  1. Determine the best technology to use: There are a variety of technology options available for self-guided tours, including lockboxes, smart locks, and mobile apps. Consider a solution that prioritizes identity varification for security purposes and way-finding that guides the prospect to featured amenities and the model unit itself. In lieu of physical keys, that are too easy to copy, ask about smart locks for easy and secure access to the apartment unit.
  2. Communicate the option: Make sure that prospective renters are aware that self-guided tours are an option. This could be through your website, social media, or free standing signs that display a QR code to schedule the tour.
  3. Verify for safety: Make sure all touring guests are there for the right reasons. Any reputable self-guided tour solution should require guests to submit a valid drivers liscense and biometric selfie scan.
  4. Access to top amenities: Make sure the prospect sees the amenities that differenciate your property from the rest. Let them spend time alone to imagine their own living experience.
  5. CMS Integration: A best-in-class self-guided tour solution should offer seamless integration with to your customer management system (CMS) so important data is passed to your system.

Self-guided apartment tours with iApartments

With iApartments self-guided tours, apartment tours are easier than ever for prospective residents. Because the entire process is automated, prospects no longer need a leasing agent to guide them. Our self-guided tour solution takes care of the details from online tour scheduling and turn-by-turn way-finding to keyless access to the apartment unit itself.

Instead of limiting tour to normal business hours, communities can expand tour hours from early mornings to later in the eavening. Leasing teams no longer need to manage the labor intensive process of scheduling tours and guiding prospect around the property. Studies show, if given the option, 36 percent of prospects choose a self-guided tour when given the option. And self-guided apartment tours increase lease coversions rates by 86 percent.

iApartments self-guided tours help you sign more leases and save money by:

  • Automating the tour scheduling process
  • Increase the number of tours per month
  • Enabling you to expend apartment tour hours
  • Capturing prospect profile infomation
  • Reporting prospect move-in date and desired lease term
  • Reducing the staff overhead to manage tours
  • Removes the need for expensive key track systems

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