Multifamily Podcasts: Which One's To Listen To?

We’ve put together a short list of standout podcasts that discuss new innovations, economics of the industry, and where things are going. These podcasts are perfect to listen to in the car on the way to the office.

Multifamily Operators Should Listen to These Top 5 Podcasts

#1 Multifamily Forward Podcast

From insights to innovation, Multifamily Forward helps you navigate real estate economics. Unlock the future of multifamily real estate with your hosts John Carlson, President of Mark-Taylor, and Adam Greco, Director of Portfolio Development at Mark-Taylor. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to the sector, Multifamily Forward is your compass for staying ahead in the game.

Centralization Mania – is it Here to Stay?

Guest: Dustin Lacey, VP of Marketing and Technology at Mark-Taylor

What’s discussed:
What is centralized leasing? And is it here to stay? The Multifamily Forward pod cast answers these questions and more with guest Dustin Lacey. As John Carlson so eloquently put it, “the old apartment leasing model is dead”. How do we leverage technology to satisfy the public’s demand for self-service? Discover how Mark-Taylor has introduced a hybrid solution that is a win for residents, operations, and ownership.

The Smart Home Tech Revolution

Guest: Scott Stamilio, Chief Revenue Officer at iApartments Inc.

What’s discussed:
Innovate today for an exceptional tomorrow. It’s a motto that fits well into a discussion on investing in smart home technology. Residents don’t want to carry physical keys; they want to use their phone to control everything. Discover the impact of smart home tech on resident living, operations, leasing, and energy management of vacant units with guest Scott Stamilio.

#2 The Lease Up Podcast

Brought to you by Multihousing News, this multifamily specific podcast features many notable industry leaders diving deap into operations, leaseing, property management, and marketing strategies.

Management Diaries: How the Right Upgrades Elevate the Resident Experience and ROI.

Guest: Miguel Gutierrez, COO at CAPREIT.

What’s discussed:
Gutierrez leads business strategy for CAPREIT’s multifamily portfolio, with more than 100,000 residents. When considering value-added enhancements, resident experience is front and center, according to Gutierrez. Smart home technology is an upgrade that is sought after by residents and provides a return on capital. Miguel also notes that smart tech helps protect assets and makes operations more efficient.

#3 AZ Big Podcast

Hosted by AZ Big Media Editor in Chief Michael Gossie and Publisher Amy Lindsey, The AZ Big Podcast features guests from a variety of industries, including legal, multifamily, hospitality, athletics and more.

Talking All Things Multifamily Housing with Special Guest John Carlson

Guest: John Carlson, President, Mark-Taylor Companies

What’s discussed:
John Carlson’s journey with Mark-Taylor Residential is as unique as they come. He began as a resident at Mark-Taylor’s San Cervantes apartment community where he later took a position as a leasing agent and 20 years later found himself President of Mark-Taylor Companies. Listen for his insights on Arizona rent demand, challenges for multifamily housing, how to develop principles for success, and outlook for multifamily industry over the next couple years.

The Arizona Build-To-Rent Boom with Josh Hartmann

Guest: Josh Hartmann, CEO of NexMetro Communities

What’s discussed:
Josh is an innovator in Arizona real estate. His concept of communities that rent like an apartment live like a home was sparked by the housing crisis in 2011. As CEO of NexMetro communities, Josh and his team has grown the portfolio into 8 markets throughout the sunbelt of the United States. Listen to hear more on BTR sector growth expectations and two important foundations that give back to Arizona families and young professionals looking to get exposure into the real estate industry.

#4 Multifamily Talks Podcast

A property managemet podcast focusing on personal stories from multifamily leadership, insights on the industry, and what they see on the horizon.

Handling Change & Centralization in the Multifamily Multiverse

Guest: Tina West, EVP at Sares Regis Group

What’s discussed:
Real Page brings together Andrew Bowen and SRG’s Tina West as they discuss how to handle change — expected and unexpected — in the world of multifamily and how to ensure your centralization efforts effectively leverage your team’s strengths to significantly upgrade your resident experience.

#5 Modern Multifamily Podcast

Modern Multifamily is an interview-style podcast where we talk with leaders across the Multifamily industry about ways we can keep moving it forward. Topics include and are not limited to: technology, innovation, proptech, and improving renter experiences with a focus on positive impacts on both industry operators and suppliers.

Erick Clark on Multifamily Outlook, Technology Selection, and  What’s Next

Guest: Eric Clark, VP of Property Management Business Operations at BMC Investments.

What’s discussed:
We talked industry outlook, how to select and implement technology, what centralization means to him, and most importantly – what he’s looking for next in his Multifamily career.

Julie Butler Talks All Things Sentral

Guest: Julie Butler, Senior VP of Operations Launch at Sentral

What’s discussed:
Get the scoop on Sentral’s unique operating model as they adjust for today’s modern renter. Amenities that the team is thinking about. New Markets of focus and Sentral’s efforts to impact ESG.

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