Smart Technology for Apartments in Nashville, Tennessee

Keyless Entry and Smart Thermostats for Nashville Apartment Communities

Elevate your Nashville apartment community with innovative smart technology by iApartments, offering convenient keyless access, intelligent temperature regulation, and seamless integration with your property management software. Our smart automation solutions empower your team to simplify resident move-ins, accelerate leasing procedures, and optimize energy consumption intelligently. As trusted smart technology providers serving Nashville communities, we take care of every facet of installation, provide comprehensive training for both residents and staff, and offer round-the-clock dedicated support for your peace of mind.

Differentiate Your Nashville Apartment Community

Nashville is an increasingly competitive MDU market. Integrating smart technology into your apartment community can serve as a powerful differentiator. By offering amenities such as keyless access, smart temperature control, and seamless property management integration, residents experience enhanced convenience and efficiency in their daily lives. Moreover, advanced automations streamline processes for both residents and management, from move-in procedures to leasing operations, while promoting sustainable energy practices. This forward-thinking approach not only attracts discerning tenants but also fosters a modern and progressive reputation for the community, setting it apart from the competition in the eyes of prospective renters.

Perimeter Access Control Integration for Nashville Apartment Buildings

Enjoy seamless integration of perimeter access control technology, enhancing both security and accessibility for residents and guests alike. With top-tier touchless access readers from Avigilon and comprehensive access control solutions from ButterflyMX, the iApartments app becomes your central hub for unlocking gates, perimeter doors, and garages. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple apps; everything seamlessly converges into one cohesive and user-friendly experience.

  • Get Realtime Visibility for All Access Points
  • Easy Management for Administrators
  • Customization for Your Communities Needs
  • Residents Appreciate the Level of Security

Get the details on Smart Apartment Solutions

What types of Smart Devices and Software Are Included?

iApartments smart home package includes smart devices specifically designed for multifamily and build-to-rent communities. Let’s look at the hardware and software included in a best-in-class platform solution.

Technology Platform

A smart technology platform is like a musical conductor who orchestrates all the digital services that enable hardware and software to connect and function in a workflow. It enables you to add additional amenities, like garage access control or self-guided tours. It keeps thing tidy and under one roof.

Smart Hub Thermostat

A smart hub acts as the centerpiece for communication to all devices throughout the home. When a resident uses the iApartments resident app to lock the front door, the signal goes to the cloud, then to the smart hub, and finally to the smart lock. Control of each smart device works in this manner. iApartments keeps things simple by including a hub in their smart thermostat.

Front Door Lock

A Smart Lock provides keyless entry for residents and management teams. These types of digital locks greatly reduce costs when compared to traditional key management.

Leak Sensors

Water leak sensors are placed in strategic areas of a home or apartment. Typically, under washing machines, garbage disposals and water heaters. If a leak is detected, an alert goes out to the maintenance team.

Resident App

Residents download the iApartments app to easily control all facets of their smart home. They adjust temperature from the couch, can assign guest smart lock access, and turn off lights from bed.

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