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Smart Home FAQs

What is a “smart apartment”?

A smart apartment is one where technology, like iApartments, is used to give the Resident greater convenience, control, and comfort through the use of integrated devices and services.

How does iApartments work?

iApartments is set of technology infrastructure integrated into a multifamily community allowing for a variety of services that give greater convenience and control to the residents while making property management and maintenance more efficient.

Do I need community WiFi to implement iApartments’ technology?

The simple answer is no. iApartments leverages leading technology to provide access to smart home services for multifamily communities without the need for costly community WiFi infrastructure.

Can iApartments be installed in an existing community?

iApartments technology and business model allows for flexible options for both new construction and retrofits. We also have options for capital-neutral implementation.

Does iApartments integrate with my Property Management Software?

iApartments is currently in pilot programs with several of the multifamily industry’s leading Property Management Software (PMS) companies. Check back here for more information as those integrations come available.

Does iApartments support Resident smart home devices?

Yes. iApartments can support many consumer smart home devices that Residents may want to add to their smart home system including Amazon Alexa and others.

Do I need an app to use iApartments?

Yes. iApartments has apps for both Android and Apple devices.

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